14 Day Flat Belly Jumpstart

Welcome to the “14 Day Flat Belly Jumpstart” meal plan and support tools.

This meal plan is about incorporating healthy, long lasting lifestyle changes. There are a few ground rules to follow to keep yourself accountable, but still live life without making any drastic sacrifices.

You DO NOT need to count calories on this type of program because simply following these “rules” you eliminate MANY calories without having to feel like you’re starving. I have yet to have anyone follow these rules and not drop a lot of extra bloat and abdominal discomfort quickly.

It’s just food, we are all human and we all make mistakes. MOVE ON!

Don’t overcomplicate things, simply make the healthiest choices from the options you have available and move onto the next meal. The only thing worse than 1 bad meal is following that up with another bad meal.

How to start:

1.) First, start with reading the daily groundrules of the meal plan.

2. Second, review the 3 days of meal examples we’ve laid out for you.

3. Substitute any options you don’t like with options from the Top 10 lists or any meals you currently make that fit within the groundrules of the program.

Remember, it’s just food. We are all human and we all make mistakes. MOVE ON!


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